Happy Place

written by

Ines Yong

Ah, the concept of a happy place! It’s like having your retreat within your mind or surroundings. Think of it as that spot where you feel completely at ease, content, and filled with joy. It’s different for everyone because what brings happiness is unique to each person.

Your happy place could be a physical location, like a cosy reading nook or a sunny garden bench where you can unwind and recharge. It could also be a state of mind that you cultivate through meditation, visualization, or engaging in activities that bring you immense joy. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where you feel relaxed, peaceful, and in tune with yourself.

Remember those moments when you were a child and discovered a secret hideaway, like a blanket fort or a treehouse? That place became your little sanctuary where you could escape, daydream, and let your imagination run wild. That’s the essence of a happy place—it’s a refuge from the busyness and stresses of the world, where you can reconnect with yourself and find inner calm.

Creating your happy place is a beautiful way to practice self-care and prioritize your well-being. It’s like having a cosy mental space that you can retreat to whenever life gets overwhelming. Take a moment to reflect on what makes you truly happy—whether reading a good book, being surrounded by nature, or playing your favourite music—and then carve out a space or time in your daily routine to indulge in those activities.

And hey, if you’re looking for inspiration, I’m here to connect and discover ways to create your happy place. Maybe there’s a DIY project you’ve been meaning to tackle, or perhaps a collaboration or event is coming up that you’d like to get involved with. Let’s explore together and make your home your ultimate happy place!

Below is a piece of writing my daughter contributed to this post with much love.

Ines’ Garden of Dreams

It was a very pleasant garden that ran all around the house. It was surrounded by a black, strong plastic fence. At the end of the garden, behind the house, stood a tall, white wall on which the sun would shine all afternoon and on which the lizards would run hurriedly, as if they had a train to catch. At the bottom of the wall were colourful plants and flowers, whose roots were planted firmly in the beds of sawdust. Among them were an old, big, white, decorative snail, although the paint was chipped in some place; a flat, brown, metallic cat; a Japanese blue carp made out of fabric that would flap in the wind. This garden had a very Southern-ish style, with the olive tree and the small cypress in the corner. The olive tree had a solid bark and a lavender plant at its feet. Two decorative light bulbs were hanging from its thin, but strong branches, and from which the small, oval shaped leaves never fell off in the autumn. About a meter away stood the young cherry tree, who looked like a joyful bride in the spring with all of its flowers blooming. In the summer, these little flowers turned into lovely, scarlet, shiny, sweet cherries. One day, this little tree will be as tall as the Eiffel tower. On the white-tiled terrace sits a small, wooden sofa and two wooden chairs. They wear white clothes and face a small table just like them, but it has a glass platform instead of cushions. Behind them stand two dirty, neglected, oldened by time trunks. They are filled with old outdoor toys and cushions for the chairs. There is also a grey dining table surrounded with grey chairs, used for outdoor lunches in the summer. An old, broken, unused, back barbecue on wheels with silver-coloured buttons and handles sits sadly by the wall and watches the people at the table eating and laughing. It longs for the days when it could still grill chipolatas for everyone. When you sit in the garden, you can hear the little birds singing their hearts out, like there was nothing in the world that could make them happier.

Vanille, 12 years old, Ile-de-France

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