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Hyper-customized brief therapy for wellness, better sleep, and improved performance.

Simple, Honest & Sustainable

When you let yourself be guided by a part of yourself, you will condense years of healing to months and attain sustainable inner peace and confidence.

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Enabling with Your Inner Resources

Hi there! I’m Inès. I’m a sophrologist, and I help people driven to achieve massive impact with their work without sacrificing their well-being, self-identity and relationships.  

You are devoted to your cause and you want to drive your bodily and mental energies towards what matters most to you. Let me take you on a journey to discover your inner cosmos, true belonging, unique intuition, openness, adventure, autonomy, and values.

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A science-backed practice for managing pain, relaxing and sleeping better. Designed by sophrology professionals, the protocols combine controlled breathing, muscle relaxation, and hyper-personalized visualization for optimized results.




A well-managed mind is the most incredible gift you can give yourself. When you learn to manage it correctly, you gain access to so much of your own power that is left unused when you leave your mind in default mode.



Let yourself be guided by another part of yourself. Encounter with yourself, your beliefs, your conditioning, your fears, your contradictions. Discover your energy, emotions, capacities, and who you are beyond all the roles you play.


7 Benefits of integrating employee wellness into the new company culture

The Great Resignation is really a Great Re-Evaluation. We are entering into a great cultural shift. People are rejecting the hustle culture in favour of what can give them work-life balance, mental wellness and fulfilment. People are clearly reassessing their options and most of the resignation stories cite burnout as one of the biggest reasons.

To live will be an awfully big Adventure

Peter Pan

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Celebrities using Sophrology

In Switzerland and France, sophrology is already widely offered to students at school or university as a way to acquire life and stress-management skills. Celebrity fans include Arianna Huffington and golfer Sergio Garcia. The French rugby team reportedly used sophrology while training for the World Cup.


Thematic Group Sessions

Join me for thematic group sessions for managing stress, energising, soothing pain, finding deep concentration and channelling your emotions.