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Hyper-customized brief therapy for wellness, better sleep, and improved performance.

Simple, Honest & Sustainable

When you let yourself be guided by a part of yourself, you will condense years of healing to months and attain sustainable inner peace and confidence.

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Enabling with Your Inner Resources

Hi there! I’m Inès. I want to live my life at my own terms and connect with the people I love. I want to help you to do the same.

Let me take you on a journey to discover your inner cosmos, true belonging, unique intuition, openness, adventure, autonomy, and values.

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What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a practice that uses the body and its natural functions to develop your consciousness. Like other meditative practices, it’s based on the idea that by calming and focusing your mind through exercises of simple observation and awareness, you can reach a state of mind that brings peace, harmony, and well-being.

It’s easy to learn some basic principles—for example, our anatomy is the object of sophrology practice. In sophrology exercises, you can feel and perceive the body’s capacity through its form and movement. The principle of logic and objectivity is developed through regular practice. As you become more familiar with these exercises, you can make them work for you in ways uniquely suited to your own version of reality. And finally, sophrology adapts to each person’s specific needs.

With these four basic principles as your guide, you can learn how to use your body in ways that promote positivity in your day-to-day life. By connecting our inner world (our thoughts, feelings, attitudes) with our outer world (our environment), we’re better able to handle difficult situations when they come up—and we’re able to recognize and appreciate positive things when they happen too!



Evidence-based practice for managing pain, relaxing and sleeping better. Designed by sophrology professionals, the protocols combine controlled breathing, muscle relaxation, and hyper-personalized visualization for optimized results.




A well-managed mind is the most incredible gift you can give yourself. When you learn to manage it correctly, you gain access to so much of your own power that is left unused when you leave your mind in default mode.



Let yourself be guided by another part of yourself. Encounter with yourself, your beliefs, your conditioning, your fears, your contradictions. Discover your energy, emotions, capacities, and who you are beyond all the roles you play.


5 Strategies for Stopping Mental Rumination (Overthinking)

Thinking about an unwanted situation and anticipating difficulties may seem like a normal thought process. Perceiving negative emotions is expected from these thoughts. But when our thoughts overwhelm us and take us away from reality, we enter into a spiral of rumination and anxiety. How do you recognise ruminating thoughts?

To live will be an awfully big Adventure

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Celebrities using Sophrology

In Switzerland and France, sophrology is already widely offered to students at school or university as a way to acquire life and stress-management skills. Celebrity fans include Arianna Huffington and golfer Sergio Garcia. The French rugby team reportedly used sophrology while training for the World Cup.


Thematic Group Sessions

Join me for thematic group sessions for managing stress, energising, soothing pain, finding deep concentration and channelling your emotions.