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Explore your brain’s potential and embark on a journey of repeating joy.

Simple, Honest & Sustainable

When you let yourself be guided by your conscious and unconscious minds, you can unlock 98% of your brain potential and live a sustainable creative life.

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Enabling with Your Inner Resources

Hi there! I’m Inès. I want to live my creative life at my own terms and connect with the people I love. I want to help you to do the same.

Let me show you the journey to your inner cosmos, true belonging, intuition, openness, adventure, autonomy, and values.

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What is integrative change work?

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Taking back control of your conscious thoughts with your unconscious mind. Research reveals that our unconscious mind is amazingly adaptive and malleable.



Somatic Work

Evidence-based processes for changing any habit and memory. Rapidly regulate stress responses. Working with thoughts, nervous system responses and energy states. 



Encounter with yourself, your beliefs, your conditioning, your fears, your contradictions. Discover your energies, emotions, capacities, and who you really are beyond all the roles you play.


5 Strategies for Stopping Mental Rumination (Overthinking)

Thinking about an unwanted situation and anticipating difficulties may seem like a normal thought process. Perceiving negative emotions is expected from these thoughts. But when our thoughts overwhelm us and take us away from reality, we enter into a spiral of rumination and anxiety. How do you recognise ruminating thoughts?

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Sharing my passion for design and prints.


Extraordinary result in Just 3 sessions

I will locate the unconscious pattern in your brain and resolve it in just 3 sessions.