4 Simple Tips to Stop Procrastinating

4 simple tips to stop procrastinating


Procrastination is something that we all do, but it can be really bad for you. You might be putting off a task or project because it’s too difficult or challenging, but in reality, there are ways to stop procrastinating and get things done!

Here are my top tips for beating procrastination:

How to Stop Procrastinating

Let’s face it. You’re a procrastinator. Everyone is, and that’s perfectly normal! But sometimes, we need to put an end to our procrastination habits to get things done and get organized. Here are some simple tips for how to stop procrastinating:

  • Set goals
  • Choose a task
  • Break up big tasks into smaller ones
  • Start working on your most important task first thing in the morning

Set a time limit to your task

To stop procrastinating, it’s important to set a time limit for your task. Set a timer for the amount of time you want to work on the task, and then get rid of distractions that could keep you from focusing on what needs to be done.

Next, start with what you hate doing first—the thing that will take the longest amount of time and energy—and reward yourself with a break after each incremental change (if possible). This way, instead of dreading the whole thing ahead of time and trying not to think about it until later in hopes that it’ll go away or somehow disappear entirely by itself, you’re slowly building up positive feelings toward accomplishing something before they become negative ones associated with putting off work until later.

Get rid of distractions

  • Turn off notifications
  • Close the door
  • Turn off your phone

You may hear this tip from many people who have never actually gone down to doing it. It is that simple and yet so effective. I turn off all notifications from 9 pm till the next day at 7 am, so that I don’t get distracted in the evening and that I get to wind down and go to bed before 10 pm. I wake up at 5 am and do the most important thing first thing in the morning.

In order to get rid of distractions, you’ll need to take a few simple steps:

Do what you hate first

Do what you hate first.

The Truth About Frogs

The most unpleasant tasks, the most difficult ones and the scariest ones are all best done when you’re fresh and energetic. This means doing them early in the day before your motivation starts to wane or after a restful night’s sleep. You might also find that some boring tasks can be broken down into bite-sized chunks — so do these at times when they don’t seem so tedious or endless.

Finally, if something is both challenging and time-consuming then try doing it as close to the end of the day as possible rather than leaving it until later on in order to avoid procrastination!

Reward yourself for every incremental change

Reward yourself for every incremental change

Rather than rewarding yourself for the end result, reward yourself for the progress you make. For example, if you know that a project is due in two weeks and it’s going to require 50 hours of hard work, don’t focus on the final product as your reward. Instead, look at it day by day and set smaller goals such as “Finish 10 pages today” or “Catch up on email.” Once you reach those mini-goals, give yourself some kind of reward—maybe even just a simple pat on the back!

However, make sure that whatever rewards you give yourself aren’t detrimental to your overall health and wellness. Don’t reward yourself with unhealthy food (just because it tastes good), alcohol (it might lower inhibitions), or drugs (they’re illegal).

Just get it done.

Have you ever noticed how, when you’re procrastinating, it feels like there’s a voice in your head? That voice says things like:

  • “I’m not ready yet.”
  • “This is too hard. I cant do it.”
  • “It’s not perfect yet. Let me just take another look at that email one more time…”


After you’ve done all these steps, it’s time to go back to the beginning and repeat.

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